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2006Frankreich Pornofilme18+
HD 720P
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    Priscilla is a young attractive woman who is a little shy, but curious enough to go with her friend Pierre to a special party. This time, the party will be much crazier than usual. Indeed, Priscilla learns the new possibilities of her body and experiences some rather risky sexual pleasures. Invited by Patricia, Priscilla is gradually lost in all kinds of games, intimate caresses, impatient blowjob, threesome and domination. To her own surprise, she will experience an orgasm while playing with other girls. But the culmination of that night will be the moment when our beautiful Priscilla will have sex with four hungry young males ... at the same time!
    A new explosive film from Marc Dorcel, pushing the boundaries of sensuality and eroticism. Fellatio and cunnilingus, deep penetration and sodomy succeed each other at a time

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  • Regie: Exopium
  • Dauer: 01:39:32
  • Sprache: Russisch , Original
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