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    Anna brings you the content you desire to keep the pages turning. Her stories excel to the heights of erotiscm.
    A successful novelist, Anna earns her living by writing erotic novels, in which she unleashes her most intimate fantasies.
    It must be said that in matters of sexual imagination, it is inexhaustible! Under the complicit gaze of the viewer, she gives herself to a brilliant demonstration of her talent: as she writes them, the sex scenes of her novel come to life and here is Tracy and Lorenzo, attractive couple straight out of his mind, about to leave for a day of adulterous adventures ...
    While her husband goes to work, Tracy has a good time by the pool with his friend Michael, a pretty kid who's been watching for months, and his new girlfriend, pretty naughty in the light dress. Anna is not the type to write romance novels, with her things always end up degenerating! Tracy finds herself in a little dress, in the hands of this sexy couple who makes him quickly lose his head ...
    Very attached to her characters, Anna does not forget poor Lorenzo, who is bored at work while Tracy enjoys an unforgettable three-shot. Then she invents him a luscious secretary, entirely devoted to the well-being of his boss ... And since Anna is decidedly the most naughty of all, she incarnates herself in this role and raises her skirt on the desk for to taste the joys of sodomy ...
    One thing is certain, Anna's next novel will be a bestseller!

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  • Directed by: Les Comperes
  • Duration: 01:23:26
  • Language: Original
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