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    Kimber and her father, Steve Holmes, have just moved to live in a new city. But locals are already clamoring about this family in almost every corner. The thing is that Steve has a strong reputation as a womanizer and a wonderful lover, such that no woman can resist his charms. Carmen, a young neighbor, having heard about the sexual exploits of the newly minted neighbor, does not want to stay away. She is not confused by the fact that Steve is twice her age. She becomes Kimber's girlfriend to be closer to her father. Carmen encourages Kimber to get his first sexual experience with a mature man, as he is older and more experienced. Realization of the idea is a kind of “exchange of daddies”: Kimber sleeps with Carmen's father, Marcus, who has a fetish for dark-haired high school students and is unhappy in marriage (his wife, Regan, Carmen's mother, cheats on him with the gardener), and Carmen will get Steve in return. Kimber, a little broken, agrees.

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  • Directed by: Jacky St. James
  • Duration: 01:56:34
  • Language: Russian , Original
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