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2020FrancePorn Movie Online 18+
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    Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them?

    Today, Jia Lissa has an appointment with Luke Hardy, a man she only knows through a dating application. After talking for several days, they finally decided to meet each other. Not too shy, the pretty redhead has agreed to join the man at his home. For Jia, life and sex are games whose rules are made to be turned to her advantage. As soon as she arrives, the young woman literally throws herself at this stranger who certainly didn't expect to have his sex in Jia's mouth so quickly. What man could resist this body and the sexual energy emanating from it? Luke quickly discovers that the young woman loves only one thing: to give in completely to her impulses, especially if they are of such sexual intensity. No one knows if the couple will see each other again, but one thing is certain, they will have benefited from each other.

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  • Directed by: Hervé Bodilis
  • Duration: 02:24:38
  • Language: Russian , Original
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