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    Today is a big day for Mia (Alexa Flexy), after weeks of long-distance relationship, she will finally get to meet her pen pal. Her friend Alyssa has finally been able to free herself to spend a few weeks with her. Although they have never met before, the two young women have found so much in common that they have become fast friends. Mia plans to introduce her to all her friends and have a good time with her.

    For Mia, seduction is a game that she takes very seriously. Men or women, nothing excites her more than trying to make them fall under her spell. Thomas, one of the supervisors of the university in which the young woman is a student did not resist for a long time. So, as soon as they can, the two lovers meet to have a good time while taking the risk of being caught. This doesn't seem to worry them, on the contrary, it only increases their desire and excitement. Despite her innocent looks, Mia is already a real expert in pleasures of all kinds and her partner of the day knows that these few moments of intimacy will be largely used. He perhaps did not expect that for once, Mia offers him her tightest hole whereas she had always refused it to him. This is a gift he won't forget.

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  • Directed by: Franck Vicomte
  • Duration: 01:59:36
  • Language: Original
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