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2006ItalyPorn Movie Online 18+
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    Excellent Italian film with a story. It tells about a certain peasant who lies in the hospital after an unsuccessful suicide attempt and reflects on how he came to such a life. The point here is the following. A man in his fifties. His wife Jasmine is about forty. He cheats on her recklessly and she decides to take revenge on him in the same way, and she even films her betrayals on video, which brings her husband to the point. The first sex scene contains elements of exhibitionism. A man with a young mistress, in his car, taxis into some garage and there, without leaving the car, he fucks her. The girl is pretty and she has good natural breasts. There is a lot of oral sex and there is even anal. The trick is that during sex, their car is surrounded by some guys with flashlights, who are carefully watching what is happening and masturbating. Further, our hero fucks his secretary in the office. During sex, he treats the woman with a rubber member. Only in the evening does his hands reach his wife, who, despite her age, is still very attractive and sexy. This scene of a wife with an unloved husband is very exciting. First, she jerks off his penis without looking at her husband, then he licks her crotch, and Jasmine also does not look at him. During sex, she similarly does not look at her partner or sucks on a rubber dick. Together with these frills, the scene turned out to be very piquant. The next day, when he comes home, the husband discovers video cassettes showing Jasmine's sexual fun with three young guys. Despite her age, this aunt can still do a lot. In addition to blowjobs, the aunt allows the guys to fuck her with double penetration. This scene infuriates the husband. He grabs a revolver and goes to his wife's friend, who at this time is fucking her lover. Bursting into her apartment and not finding a wife there, he leaves, and the girl continues to have sex with the guy. It's a very passionate scene. The girl is very pretty and she moves rhythmically during sex! The film ends with the husband watching the scene of a gangbang that his wife arranged in his own living room. All this was filmed on video. This is a very interesting scene. In addition to Jasmine, about six girls participate in it. They get fucked by several guys on the couch and even in the jacuzzi. Such a good group sex with a mass of young girls who allow themselves to be in the ass. After watching this scene, the hapless hubby tries to kill himself. Outcome. Great movie for lovers of plot porn.

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  • Directed by: Mario Salieri
  • Duration: 01:26:00
  • Language: Original
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