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    An investigation into the heart of desire and passion

    Bella Tina and John are both partners in love and in business. As content creators, they often come across celebrities from different backgrounds. For their new interview, they had the opportunity to meet a famous architect whose speeches were as exciting as his globally recognized work. After a long day, John suggests to Bella that they go to their favorite restaurant to relax, but she is too tired to go out.

    When they finally get home, Bella discovers that her partner had planned a surprise for Valentine's Day. The pretty brunette was so focused on her work that she had completely forgotten this important day for the two lovers. This was all it took for Bella to thank him in her own way. Since they have known each other for so long, the two lovers perfectly know what will make the other reach the seventh heaven.

    After this night of passion, Bella suggests that their next documentary talks about universal subjects such as love and sex. Everyone thinks about it, but no one ever talks about it. This is the perfect opportunity. After preparing their topic and interviews, the couple goes to meet Jayla de Angelis, a rock star whose fast success and numerous awards would make anyone jealous. Jayla rarely talks about her private life during the many interviews she gives, but, trusting the couple, she agrees to open a bit more.

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  • Directed by: Alis Locanta
  • Duration: 02:32:19
  • Language: Original
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