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1999ItalyPorn Movie OnlineVintage 18+
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    Outlaws 2 is another Euro western dubbed into english. However, unlike part one, this video doesn''t have the lovely Missy starring in it. There's really not much here worth mentioning. There are five scenes, though at times the video has to go back and forth between different couples having sex at the same time. A few of the ladies are very attractive. There are a few anals, a couple of d.p.'s and a few facials. The facials were very weak. Rocco is in two scenes. He goes one on one with a blonde, and later has a scene with three women. Save your time and money, pass on this one.

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  • Directed by: Joe D'Amato
  • Duration: 01:19:15
  • Language: Original
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Outlaws 2: The Final Assault