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    For Rachel (Aliya Brynn) college is proving to be a nightmare. She's on academic probation and if she fails even one class, she'll be kicked out. So when she gets a failing grade on her latest report, she's crushed, thinking that it's all over for her... until she sees that the professor has scribbled his number on the back of her work. Professor Sloan (John Strong) has always had a thing for her. She now suddenly realizes that she can use his infatuation with her to her advantage. Just how far is Rachel willing to go to make sure she graduates college? Taylor (Savannah Sixx) is excited to have one last slumber party with her best friend, Megan (Vanessa Sky). They're both soon going away for college and their friendship is sure to change. Taylor drifts off to , but is later stirred by the feeling of heat against her back. When she rolls over, she comes face-to-face with Megan's older brother, Luke (Ricky Spanish)! You see, Luke has certain urges... and since Megan's his sister, he can't really act on them. Taylor doesn't want Megan to fall into Luke's twisted hands... so she slowly opens her legs for him.

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  • Directed by: Bree Mills
  • Duration: 01:27:18
  • Language: Original
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