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    Lola, an expert who listens to your desires

    Lola is a life coach and wellness influencer, she loves her job. Every day, she gives an appointment to her subscribers to give them advice on how to feel better in their own skin. Giving advice is good, but she still must apply it to her personal life, which is not easy.

    Her marriage to Antoine is on the rocks. The couple has let routine set in and, above all, Lola has a very bad relationship with Clara, her husband's daughter. For her part, Clara is not fulfilled in her monotonous life. The only thing that gives her pleasure is her secret activity as a webcam girl. She loves to show off and get her thrills while waiting to get as far away from her father's new wife as possible.

    Tony, a former lover of Lola's who has become her friend, her assistant, her advisor, has recently fallen in love with Nelly. Since their first meeting, they do not leave each other anymore and share a lot of things, especially in the bedroom. At Lola's, the evening meals are always so tense, and Clara only waits for one thing, to be able to isolate herself in her room to talk and turn her viewers on as much as she can. Tonight, she decided to make them enjoy the new sex toy she just received.

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  • Directed by: Anna Polina
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