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2002ItalyPorn Movie OnlineParodies18+
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    In the Mario Salieri version, FAUST is not just Goethe's classic story about trading in the soul ... This is a somewhat lurid narrative about a century of extramarital affairs that shamelessly combines the events of World War II and other, much earlier eras ... The plot goes through five of different eras, from 33 AD to the year 2019. And at the beginning of all this - a man named Judas, he will make a fatal deal with the devil. To take revenge on Faust, who wanted to fight the devil, Mephistopheles captures him and tries to convince him to join his cohorts, forcing him to live many lives filled with betrayals, perverted desires and shameless voluptuousness. The legend of Faust read by Mario Salieri. The film is beautifully shot, costumed, not cheap!

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  • Directed by: Mario Salieri
  • Duration: 01:47:27
  • Language: Russian , Original
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