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2006FrancePorn Movie Online 18+
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    Natalia is a young and pretty student who was sent to a luxury boarding school reserved for the cream of Russian youth. In this establishment, the teacher provide an education that is not exactly academic... to say the least. Take the music teacher for example. Isn't it weird how the girls are more attracted by the bulge in his pants and his pectoral muscles than the vocal execices they are supposed to take part in? As for the strict head teacher, well... she's a pervert with no limits who uses and abuses the girls to great lenghts. Not that the girls complain about it. In fact, the love her twisted ways... and it shows! Here, the young girls only have one thing in mind: get as much practice as possible with as many boys, girls and teachers as possible. Exprts with zips, and in lesbian games and hardcore action! Boy, this year's programme is hot and extensive! Be Natalia's guest and enter the Russian Institute! You'll never look behind!

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  • Directed by: Herve Bodilis
  • Duration: 01:52:27
  • Language: Russian , Original
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