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    Jane is a college student who decides to meet her father, the world-famous explorer at his ranch in the plains of Africa, in order to find an acient diamond deposit.
    Despite her fathers heeds, Jane hires mercenaries and a guide, who, with her friend Caroline, set off to find the diamonds.
    After the diamonds are found and mined, the mercenaries betray her. They tie the entire group to a post to be eaten by the wild animals or cannibals.
    Fortunately, a gorgeous stud rescues them from a wild gorilla. Unfortunately, during their escape they are captured by the cannibals and are prepared to be eaten. Their guide trades their lives with her own and stays to sexually satisfy the warrior queen.
    Jane, caroline, and the jungle man find their way back to civilization however, they yearn to return to the only place where they are truly free.

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