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2019Frankreich Pornofilme18+
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    Luna, Angel and Mya, three girlfriends, each one prettier than the last, go on a hike in the south of France, backpack on their shoulder. On the program: walking, wilderness camping and meetings with locals. A busy schedule that does not leave a minute to breathe! While Angel and Mya are walking in the vineyards, Luna decides to thank Antho, who should have accepted that the three friends camp on his property. And given the politeness of Luna, who offers him the time for an intense fuck in the tent, the farmer will redouble his generosity in the future! Angel, who does not miss an opportunity to get laid, takes advantage of the sunny midday trails to jog, and soon seduce a beautiful sportsman whom she crosses at random ... But for everyone should benefit from the holidays: Mya, who has heard of the exploits of Antho, this dear farmer, invites him for a picnic that he will not soon forget ... The lucky one leaves with an empty stomach but his head full of salacious memories! Holidays with girlfriends is a must!

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  • Regie: Chris Demer
  • Dauer: 01:34:57
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