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    9 nights of desire and pleasure, each more exciting than the last

    This morning, Bella Tina is late for a very important job interview. Recently arrived in the city she is still lost but luckily for her, a stranger will help her find her way. Bella rarely trusts men she doesn't know, but John seems different from the others. A few days later, while she is jogging with her friend Clara Mia, Bella crosses paths with the young man by chance. And if, for a reason that she still ignores, their destiny was linked?

    To get to know each other better, John has invited the young woman to the most sumptuous villa she has ever seen. Charmed by this man that she did not know a few days ago, the pretty brunette decides to give him a chance. After a long languorous kiss on the terrace, the couple decides to get serious. Without knowing it, Bella has just started an adventure made of desire and pleasure which will last 9 nights... Blindfolded, half-naked, she offers herself completely to the caresses and to the sexual games that John has decided to make her live.

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  • Regie: Alis Locanta
  • Dauer: 02:31:13
  • Sprache: Russisch , Original
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