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1997Italien Pornofilme18+
HD 1080р
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    Late director Joe D'Amato turned in one of his final features with this mesmerizing and highly erotic story of boxers and the women they love. Rocco Siffredi is perfectly cast as Rocky, a retired fighter who has decided to take a young boxer under his wing. But even as he teaches his protege the secrets of the sweet science, Rocco has other problems to think about. Such as his wanton wife, who can't get enough of the Italian Stallion. Or his protege's luscious young girlfriend Mercedes, who has the hots for Rocco as well. And things get really complicated when a rival promoter comes along and steals away his youthful protege. The action comes to a head when the young boxer finds out that Rocco's has his way with Mercedes in a slam-bang staircase session. They square off in a back alley, far away from the lights and glamour of the ring, in a place where no one will stop their fisticuffs. This is a steamy, moody video that provides lots of down and dirty Euro-style raunch to go along with its intriguing plot. A great way to remember one of porn's great directors. Terrific!

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  • Regie: Joe D'Amato
  • Dauer: 01:37:06
  • Sprache: Original
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