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2008Frankreich Pornofilme18+
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    On "DORCEL AIRLINES" the stewardesses are not ordinary. First they are pretty and smiling, totally able to calm down the most anxious travellers. Then they know how to sustain warm relationships with their colleagues ;but not only them! They offer the active sucking of their mouths, their generous boobs, the spicy flavour and the sweet sweatiness of their pussies and the velvety case of their anus. With Yasmine, Kate, Marianna and the others, take on board for a delicious perverted flight. Join them in their stopover bedrooms and attend to their frolics at two, three or more, their lesbian embraces and their lightning climaxes...

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  • Regie: Hervé Bodilis
  • Dauer: 01:31:57
  • Sprache: Russisch , Original
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