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1990Deutschland Pornofilme18+
HD 1080р
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    The sexual action in the second part of this famous pornographic movie is as wild and free as Part 1. It has the added appeal of a very youthful looking Sarah Young appearing in one of her first major pornographic roles. In this, she portrays an innocent young girl who is convinced to sell her body to the evil bitch Stella.
    Excited, she is presented with a 'quick' set, whose passion is orgies. There is no escape, and she soon finds herself sandwiched between two randy studs in a room full including soaked whores and their clients. Her only consolation is her friend and lover Christian, and even this has his complications. The course of true thirst ... To show more would undermine the 'plot' of this plot of inheritance of the 'detective novel', but Sarah fans would not fail. She takes a dick in all her holes with pleasure.

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