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2001Frankreich Pornofilme18+
HD 720P
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    French bar-restaurant in which girls take off their clothes and satisfy all tastes and desires of guests. A friend of one of his clients, intrigued by his request for an “urgent meeting,” goes to this restaurant and gets, at the insistence of a voluptuous hostess, into an amazing palace of debauchery with rooms for sexual games of men and women equipped with the most extraordinary instruments of pleasure ...
    Using the full potential of unusual design and plot, the director of the film Alan Pae forces us to take part in a continuous sequence of sexual experiences, among which sodomy holds the main place, and numerous close-ups help to examine in detail, get to know and plunge into the most alluring details of these “forbidden games” ". Erotica of the highest level from France! Sex movie for all sex addicts!

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  • Regie: Alain Payet
  • Dauer: 01:32:27
  • Sprache: Russisch , Original
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