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    Lana (Lola Bellucci), an aspiring writer and barista, has two passions in life: making the best coffee possible and fantasizing about her customers. As the manager of one of the most renowned cafes in town, she spends most of her time behind the counter, preparing the coffee that her most loyal customers crave, or in the back room, managing her supplies. Whenever she has a free moment, Lana also tries to write an erotic novel, but the manuscript isn't progressing, and no publisher trusts her enough to publish it. Her inspiration mainly comes from the people she encounters on a daily basis. Whether it's her customers or, like every morning, the handsome deliveryman James Duval, Lana tries to imagine their lives and incorporate them into her story.

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  • Directed by: Liselle Bailey
  • Duration: 02:57:22
  • Language: Original
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