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    Caroline (Cytherea) is waiting around in a stunning dress, clearly planning to go out somewhere that night. But she looks frustrated as her husband, Joseph (Derrick Pierce), arrives home late. He's a restaurant owner, so complains about his restaurant holding him up, but Caroline doesn't seem to be buying it... A few days later, Caroline gets ready to leave for a weekend with a friend as Joseph sees her off. But after Caroline leaves and parks just out of sight, she doubles back to the house. When Caroline creeps back into the house, she hears sounds coming from the bedroom. She catches Joseph sitting close to a younger woman, Stella (Charly Summer). Joseph tries telling Caroline that Stella's a waitress from the restaurant, but Caroline sees right through him. As she confronts them, Caroline realizes that if she wants to keep Joseph interested in her and their marriage, she's going to have to get creative. That's when she swallows her pride and offers to spice things up with a steamy threesome! Cherie DeVille is an important CEO, talking on the phone. Dante Colle, the new employee, peeks into her office holding a bunch of papers. She waves him in and ends the phone call. She signs the papers Dante brought her, saying that she has to sign off on pretty much everything in this company, but he doesn't have to be afraid of her. She likes employees with initiative. Dante says he will do his best, because he wants to do a good job. Joanna Angel from HR stops by, introducing herself and saying that it's her job to make sure all employees are treated properly, so he can talk to her if he needs help with anything. He can think of her as a friend. Over the next few days, as Dante has further encounters with Cherie while working, she behaves in ways that are increasingly bold. Eventually, Dante has a meeting with Joanna, and is shocked to see that Cherie is there as well. The two women laugh at him, saying that he is totally unqualified for this job - they hired him because they liked his BODY. So if he wants to keep this job, he'll have to show just what kind of a... team player he is...

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  • Directed by: Bree Mills
  • Duration: 01:30:47
  • Language: Russian , Original
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If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em
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