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    Monica (Penny Barber) and Jared (Robby Apples), a married couple at the peak of their success, are celebrating moving into their new house when they get some horrible news. The cryptocurrency market has crashed, putting their entire livelihoods up in the air. Suddenly, the dream they were living becomes nothing but a neverending nightmare. That's when Jared gets an idea: what if Monica became an escort? It COULD be a way to temporarily help them get back on their feet? Elise (Stevie Moon) is finishing up her shift at a coffee shop when Ryder (Lucky Fate) enters and makes an order. There's something off about Ryder, and when Elise goes to bring him his coffee, her suspicions are confirmed as he starts spewing rude and offensive comments toward her. Elise slaps him as a gut reaction and Ryder storms out of the cafe. Just then, Ryder's twin, Chris (Lucky Fate), rushes into the cafe. He apologizes, explaining that his twin, Ryder, can be quite the asshole and offers to make it up to Elise. In a strange turn of events, Elise ends up charmed by this good twin, and even agrees to go on a date with him after her shift. It seems like every cloud really does have a silver lining...

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  • Directed by: Bree Mills
  • Duration: 01:31:41
  • Language: Original
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