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    Clara Mia, future star of Hollywood?

    Lily Nelson (Clara Mia) is a young rebellious and charismatic actress who has made a name for herself on television. With the imminent release of a major Hollywood film, she is about to achieve worldwide fame. However, against the advice of her agent Kenza (Anissa Kate), Lily has accepted the lead role in a London play for several weeks. A little disheartened by her protégée's attitude, Anissa prefers to enjoy the present moment in the company of Sam Bourne and Tommy Cabrio, two actors whose future looks very bright...

    To prepare for her long stay in London, Lily has settled into a hotel located not far from the theater and her days are regulated between rehearsals and new encounters in a pub run by Marine (Alice Martin) and Léo (Alex Romero) two beginner actors who hope to land a big role one day. In the meantime, to finance their stay, they work in this pub frequented by all the actors of the theater. The two French, fans of the famous Lily Nelson, are thus used to crossing paths with personalities but their relationship with Lily is about to take an unexpected turn.

    Behind the scenes of success

    Lily has always had a very open sex life and after spending her days with Anita Rover, one of the actresses in the play and her husband director Luke Hardy, she decides to get to know them better outside of working hours. After having a drink at the pub, the trio ends up in the couple's apartment to give free rein to their desire, without any lines to rehearse.

    Like any good adopted Londoners, the members of the theater companu have taken to coming to relax at Marine and Léo's pub after their long days of rehearsal. Tonight, Lily finally introduces Marine to Max, one of the comedians to whom she wouldn't stop talking about the pretty bartender. The current seems to be flowing well between the two and as planned, the two new lovers decide to get to know each other better after the bar closes. Here is a meeting that will very certainly improve Franco-British relations.

    The beginning of a new life

    When Lily invites her two new friends to come see her backstage on the night of the premiere, Marine jumps at the opportunity while Léo seems more hesitant. This first performance is a real success and reinforces Lily in her career choices. Every night, after each performance, the troupe continues to meet at the pub and Marine, who is very attracted to Lily, realizes that her feelings are not reciprocated. The actress seems to be getting closer to Léo. Disappointed, Marine confesses to Anita who does not leave her indifferent. After an evening spent dancing and telling each other about their lives, the actress and the waitress end up taking the plunge in the back room of the pub.

    A few days later, after Léo gets dumped by his girlfriend, he decides to take the bull by the horns and find Lily before she leaves the city for good after the last performance. Their romance will have been short-lived but at least they will both have known how to make the most of the present moment and the desire that had been burning in them for weeks. After the success of her play, Lily finally gave in to the call of Hollywood but promises to come back and see her new friends even if she becomes a mega star...

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  • Directed by: Liselle Bailey
  • Duration: 02:20:01
  • Language: Original
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