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    Very exciting games to avoid falling into routine

    To avoid falling into a routine, Lumi Ray and Nathan Bronson have made it a habit to spice up their sex life by setting up scenarios and very hot games. Tonight, they are waiting for Clara Mia to join them for what they prefer above all, a threesome. While waiting for the pretty tattooed brunette to arrive, Nathan blindfolds his partner to add to the excitement of the moment. Once their guest arrives, the serious things can begin.

    Two women for one man is very good, but today, Lumi has decided that it's her turn to have some fun. Nathan had his moment with Clara, tonight, she will have the pleasure of having fun with two men. Rather than going through a simple dating app, Lumi prefers to go out to a bar or club to find the stranger who will perfectly match her expectations. When Nathan discovers that she has chosen Ricky Rascal, he knows that the evening will be good and that his partner will be fully satisfied.

    It's a fact, Victoria Nova prefers younger men for their passion and sexual endurance. She has experienced so many disappointments with men her own age that she has made the decision to put her own desires before those of others. Very open when it comes to making new experiences, Victoria could not resist when she met Kristof Cale and Tommy Cabrio. Why settle for one partner when she can have two at the same time? What excites her the most is knowing that her husband is fully aware of her adventures and especially, that he watches her from a distance and live…

    Two strangers for twice the pleasure

    Tommy Cabrio and Anita Rover have a very fulfilling sex life but from time to time; to vary the pleasures, they invite strangers, men or women, to join their lovemaking for an evening. Today, it's Tommy who has chosen the lucky one who will be able to enjoy his wife’s perfect curves. Of course, he did not choose him randomly. He selected him based on Anita's tastes: dark hair, muscular, and with a multitude of positive feedback on the dating app. Once the evening is over, there is a good chance that James Duval will have a new five-star review on his profile.

    When Lola Bellucci and Kristof Cale go out in the evening, it's not just to go to a restaurant or see a show. Most of the time, the show takes place at their home, depending on who they met during their outing. Tonight, they crossed paths with Clémence Audiard, a pretty redhead who did not leave them indifferent. If we are to believe Clemence’s first words, the couple is also very much to her liking. Since everyone seems to be of the same opinion, why not skip the preliminaries and move straight to the main course?

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Luxure: My Wife’s Dates
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