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1984USAPorn Movie OnlineVintage 18+
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    SEX PLAY looks at the star-struck world of the notorious actor, Jeff Justice, and his legendary exploits of super-human sexual prowess. Unfortunately the endless stories of orgies and sexual excess that are reported to be a part of Jeff’s turn-on character, are actually the concoction of his secretary, who is hiding the embarrassing fact that Jeff has not been able to perform for years.
    When Jeff, the secretary and a gang of oversexed groupies are bent on sexually assaulting the actor, we are treated to one of the most erotic and humorous adventures ever filmed!
    And then, when his agent decides to join the part with his own collection of wet and wild nymphs, the results make SEX PLAY one of the year’s best

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  • Directed by: Gary Graver
  • Duration: 01:25:36
  • Language: Original
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