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    Threesome for Lilly Bell and Lulu Chu

    Lilly Bell, Kenna James, Kira Noir and Lulu Chu have been friends for a long time, and love to tell each other about their flirtatious plans in their private chat group. Unwittingly, they also happen to share the same partners. At a recent party, for example, Lulu had the pleasure of returning home in the company of Alex Jones and Kimmy Kimm. Throughout the evening, Lulu and the couple hit it off. So when they asked her to join them for a nightcap, she couldn't refuse. In fact, she couldn't wait. Alex and Kimmy have a habit of inviting strangers to join in their lovemaking. So it made sense for them to extend the evening in excellent company. Despite the accumulated fatigue, the sexual tension was there, and Lulu had one of the most exciting experiences of her life with this impromptu threesome.

    For their part, Lilly Bell and Seth Gamble also have a very fulfilling sex life. While taking a bath before getting ready to welcome their guest, Lilly started fantasizing about what was going to happen in a few minutes. Today, they invited Charlotte Sins and Robby Apples, a couple of friends for dinner. During the meal, Lilly suggested that Seth take advantage of their guests' presence to repeat an experience that had excited them so much on their first attempt. The couple had participated in a threesome with another woman, and tonight Lilly would like to try it with another man. For her part, Charlotte would love to watch them and thus fulfill her own fantasy of seeing her husband make love to another woman. Since everyone's willing, they might as well take advantage of the evening to satisfy everyone's desires.

    Kenna James and Kira Noir realize their fantasies

    When her girlfriends tell her about their experiences, Kenna is a little disappointed that they're only telling her now, when she was the first to tell them about her own threesome. A few weeks earlier, after having a very intense erotic dream, Kenna told her boyfriend Nathan Bronson about her desire for new experiences. To find the perfect partner, she registered on a specialized dating site and literally fell for Dante Colle. To make sure he was the right candidate, she asked him to meet her over dinner. Dante seemed a little more experienced, but Kenna felt confident and began to reveal her fantasies to him before taking him home to get down to business. Unfortunately for her, the experience proved fatal to her relationship, as she separated from Nathan shortly afterwards.

    Although they are in perfect love as a couple, Kira Noir and Isiah Maxwell decided one day to register on a dating site for couples who wanted to experience new things and fulfill their deepest fantasies. After completing their profile, they started looking for the ideal partner to make their first experience a success. Before long, they had a "match" in Hollywood Cash. Unable to refuse his partner anything, Isiah agreed to let the man join them on the same day. As soon as their guest arrived, Kira took matters into her own hands and showed her two partners what she really wanted.

    Shortly after her separation, Kenna met Emma Hix and Oliver Flynn. When Kenna asked them to join her for a naughty afternoon, it didn't take them long to accept. Kenna's first threesome had turned her on so much that she was eager to repeat the experience with a man and another woman. Emma and Oliver seemed the ideal partners for this new fantasy. Kenna wanted nothing more than to be the couple's sex toy and spend a dream night with them.

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Luxure: My Wife's Climax