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    For Maya Woulfe, poker isn't just a card game

    Although she organizes poker nights on a small scale, the game and the risks involved excite Maya to no end. It's not uncommon for her to stay with Jimmy after a night out, enjoying the sights and sounds of the place after the players have left, and letting herself go with a partner who knows her body inside out and, above all, knows how to make her come.

    From time to time, to increase her earnings, Maya organizes VIP parties to which influencers, DJs and celebrities from the world of nightlife are invited. Tonight, Maya is hosting one of the biggest parties of the week, with a host of high-profile guests. The D (Bishop Black) is at every party. He's a renowned producer with an innate talent for discovering tomorrow's stars. According to Maya, he has a real knack for making money. As for Jo, he's a meat wholesaler, but what's really big and full is his wallet. Maya often invites him over, because she knows that even (and especially) if he loses, he'll always come back with the aim of making up for it.

    Clara is a new player, but as she was recommended by a regular, she had no trouble getting through the doors of the secret location where today's game will be played. The "loser" always comes with his beautiful girlfriend Janice Griffith, hoping she'll bring him luck. But as usual, he loses everything... his money AND his girlfriend. The only thing he wins tonight is a black eye for being a sore loser. Janice, for her part, will be happy to settle his debts by spending the night at Le D.'s.

    Time to get down to business

    Following this eventful evening, Maya receives a call from Eddy, her father, with whom she's been estranged for years. Eddy is a true professional of the "No Limits" game, and over the course of his career has organized some of the best scams the industry has ever seen. In fact, it's thanks to these games that he's been able to amass a colossal fortune and share it with his daughter. Just when she's ready to hang it up, she discovers that his days are numbered, and that despite their bad relationship, Eddy wants to help her in her activities. Maya realizes that Clara is not just another player, but Eddy's assistant, secretly sent to help her. After her father's funeral, Maya finally agrees to work with Clara to turn her no-stakes games into lucrative ones.

    Now in possession of her father's address book, Maya has all the cards in hand to transform what was previously a simple card game into a veritable "No Limit" empire. In these exceptional games, the players are rich, but gambling, losing and winning money no longer excites them. They're ready to give up their villas, their cars and even their wives to feel the true adrenalin of the game.

    Despite her father's absence from her life, Maya has never lacked for anything. She's always been able to live a luxurious life, attend the best schools, drive the most beautiful cars and wear haute couture. The only thing she's ever lacked is love. To compensate, she's always had a very intense sex life. With Jimmy, to start with, but also with strangers, like the night she met Alice Martin and invited her home for a threesome without knowing anything about her. All she cared about was the desire and excitement she felt.

    Clara Mia and Maya Woulfe finally organize their first "No Limit" game

    Ever since Clara came into her life, the two women have never left each other's side, and their poker nights have entered a whole new dimension. Gone are the days of basement games. Now, they commandeer real gaming rooms to satisfy the most demanding players. For the money to roll in, they had to find the perfect sucker. The rich bachelor who doesn't know what to do with his money, except gamble it away and lose it. Tonight, it's Ricky Rascal who will fall into their trap. Ricky is a wealthy businessman who won't be able to refuse Clara anything, especially after the night they've just spent together.

    For their plan to go smoothly, Maya and Clara have to call in Shalina Devine, a former associate of Eddy's and a professional in large-scale parties and high-flying scams. Retired from the business for some time, Shalina now specializes in organizing very private parties where wealthy men come to meet beautiful women who have only one thing in mind: to take as much pleasure as they will give their one-night partners. In exchange for her services, Shalina's demands are quite simple: the certainty of getting her money back and spending the night with Jimmy...

    While her boyfriend holds up his end of the bargain at one of Shalina's orgies, Maya and Clara spend the evening together, hoping their plan will go off without a hitch. Unexpectedly, Maya feels the need to vent her frustration in the arms of her new girlfriend. A little surprised at first, Clara quickly gives in to her advances and spends a much more exciting and passionate night than expected.

    A few days later, Clara puts their plan into action. Now, with the help of a few hand-picked accomplices, everything is in place for Ricky to lose all his money and a lot more besides... After this masterful coup, Maya, Clara and Jimmy knew they'd never see each other again, and that they had to celebrate their success in style. Now settled in the United States, far from business, Maya has rebuilt her life as a successful author. Unfortunately, Jimmy and Clara were not so lucky...

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  • Directed by: Hervé Bodilis
  • Duration: 03:10:30
  • Language: Original
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Casino Endgame
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