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    Year 51 BC After 8 years of war, Caesar wins the war against Gaul. Upon returning to Rome, celebrations of victory are held. Meanwhile, in the empire's capital, Pompey, the beloved senator of the people, is losing his wife, Caesar's first daughter. Caesar, notified of a conspiracy from the Senate to overthrow him, decides to re-enter Rome by the forces of the whole army. The army, led by the centurion Lucius Vorenus and the legionary Tito Pullio, enters Rome and discovers an empty city. This leads the Senate to proclaim Caesar a dictator. Pompeo, in order to avoid a civil war, leaves Rome with his wife and rebel senators and leaves for Greece. Meanwhile, Lucius returns home and realizes that his wife has changed, and Tito Pullio and Ottawa reveal a hidden plot ...

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  • Directed by: Antonio Adamo
  • Duration: 01:41:02
  • Language: Russian , Original
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