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1999ItalyPorn Movie OnlineVintage 18+
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    10 years have passed. In the magic cave of the castle, the queen is still hungry for sex and revenge, and can not calm down. She is very envious, and can peep in her magic mirror as Snow White and the prince make love again. With witchcraft she makes the prince leave. Snow White is now alone, and now she can carry out her revenge! Snow White decides to invite the seven dwarfs to her castle so that they protect her, and at the same time make it more fun. The queen heads to the princess's room to kill Snow White. But a surprise awaits her: Snow White is not alone. In fact, Snow White, while the prince is absent, does not lose time with the seven dwarves. The Queen cannot resist her desires and takes part in the orgy with pleasure. The queen is very pleased that she received love and pleasure from the seven dwarfs and, finally, forgives Snow White. And now, when the prince returns, they will live happily and have sex all together.

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  • Directed by: Luca Damiano
  • Duration: 01:25:36
  • Language: Russian , Original
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