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1989FrancePorn Movie OnlineVintage 18+
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    One woman is not enough and we have two more - a blonde (we see only her nape) and a middle-aged man in the lawyer's office.
    Mary Nelly is married to Rocco. In bed one night, he was too tired to make love to her - until she went out and came back in a red wig and sexy tights ...
    The next day, he goes away on business and she sees an advertisement for a parapsychologist in a magazine. While she leaves to consult with him, Rocco sees two women in a cafe (Melody Kiss and XNK0654) and fantasizes about anal sex with them. then he comes in to chat with them and goes out with Melody Kiss. Later we see these two women together, Melody, uses a strap-on with her girlfriend.
    Parapsychologist (Philippe Soine) hypnotized Mary and has her whatever she wants

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  • Directed by: Michel Ricaud
  • Duration: 01:29:05
  • Language: Original
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